We support and encourage everyone living and working in Brent to cycle for the benefits it offers you as an individual, as well as the benefits for the local community by reducing pollution, congestion and emissions.

Cycle routes and parking

Transport for London also have a whole section dedicated to cycling routes and information including a cycling in London journey planner at  

You can find cycle parking across Brent in convenient locations near shops, workplaces and train stations. When using cycle parking spots make sure you use a good quality lock, preferably two, so you can lock the bike frame and wheels.

We are continually putting in new cycle parking across Brent, so if you know of a destination that needs cycle parking please email

Our programmes and cycle training

Local community and workplace cycle events

We work with local community groups, schools and workplaces to organise events that promote cycling. These events can involve a wide range of activities, including: 

  • Dr Bike, a qualified bike mechanic giving bikes a "check-up" and undertaking minor repairs
  • maintenance workshops
  • route planning
  • group cycle training sessions
  • bike breakfast, lunch or picnic event
  • security marking and advice on avoiding cycle theft
  • group cycle rides led by qualified instructors

If you are a community group, school or workplace and would like to hold a cycle event, please contact and put 'Community cycle event' in the email heading.

Learn how to maintain and fix your own bike

Second Monday evening of each month. Workshops start at 6pm and end 8pm.

Basics 1: Puncture Repair, Brake Blocks and Brake Cables
Basics 2: Gears and Gear Cables

  • Monday 12 January 2015 - Basics 1
  • Monday 9 February 2015 - Basics 2
  • Monday 9 March 2015 - Basics 1
  • Monday 13 April 2015 - Basics 2

Come with your bike to the Cycletastic shop, 12 Queens Parade London NW2 5HT

Cost £30 plus parts per session. Please book via

Learn to cycle

If you live, work or study in Brent you can get cycle lessons for free.

Professional cycling instructors will teach you locally and lessons last for two hours.

To book a lesson complete the booking form on the Cycling Instructor website.

Cycle training for school children

As part of our Safer Routes to School (SRtS) programme we have a couple of cycle training for school options. Find out more about the Safer Routes to School (SRtS) programme.

'Safe Urban Driving' - Cyclist awareness training for HGV drivers

We offer a free one day Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) accredited training course for HGV drivers called 'Safe Urban Driving'.  

The course focuses on sharing the road with more vulnerable road users including cyclists and pedestrians, and includes a practical bike riding session, to provide HGV drivers with the opportunity to experience a cyclist's view.

'Exchanging Places' project

The 'Exchanging Places' project allows a cyclist to experience the perspective of a lorry driver and understand their driving blind spots by allowing them to sit in a real HGV driver's cab.

The project, which has been developed jointly by us and Camden Council, is aiming to reduce risks to cyclists on the roads in north-west London.

For more information about 'Safe Urban Driving' and 'Exchanging Places' please email


We support Cycletastic, a local group of volunteers who have a bike shed off Willesden Lane in North Kilburn where they undertake bike maintenance and recycle bikes that are then available for sale.

Cycletastic also organise local cycle events and activities throughout the year.

To find out more visit or email