Housing benefit

Use our benefits section to find out whether you are eligible for housing benefit and how to claim it.

Claiming benefit

Find out how to apply for help with paying your housing costs by claiming housing benefit.

Calculating housing benefit

Find out how much housing benefit you are likely to receive.

Payment dates

Make a note of your next benefit payment date.

Tell us about changes

Help us to recalculate your benefit quickly by reporting any changes to your details.

Documents to bring

A check list of all the documents you will need to provide to support a claim for benefits.

Dispute a decision

Information about making appeals when you disagree with your housing benefit decision.

Overpayment of benefit

If too much benefit has been paid, we will need to recover the overpayment.

Report a fraud

Benefit fraud costs the public sector an estimated £20 billion per year. Help us to protect benefit funds from abuse.